Mashhood Ahmed

Mashhood Ahmed

Born and brought up in Pakistan, after completing university Mashhood worked in the Marketing division of a pharmaceutical company and spent the next ten years in the field of Marketing & Development serving travel and industrial lubricants industries.

Mashhood has been interested in voluntary work since his time as a student and has been a part of various organisations for most of his life. He joined the voluntary sector in a management role almost fifteen years ago and since then has served in various management capacities delivering various projects ranging from community development to initiatives for youth. This includes delivering the Capacity Building programme for Asian Voluntary Sector under the Croydon SRB6 regeneration programme.

Currently working for the Alzheimer’s Society for over four years, managing various services and projects delivered to support people with dementia and their families, he has served on the Board of Directors of the Asian Resource Centre of Croydon for over four years and currently chairs the organisation. He has lived in Croydon for fifteen years, spending the first four years in the north of the borough and later moving to South Croydon.

Mashhood has always enjoyed living in Croydon and hopes that by joining the Opportunity and Fairness Commission as a Resident Commissioner he will be able to offer something back to a community which has offered him so much joy, freedom and fun. He would like to see Croydon become most sought after borough in London.

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