Blog: Creating jobs of the future for local residents by Jeremy Frost

Since the Commission’s inception, we have reached out to over 3,000 local people. In our conversations many have told us they feel Croydon is on the up.

One resident told us: “Croydon is booming at the moment, there is so much going on. We have got some good companies in Croydon, and there are plenty of opportunities for young people to get their first job.”

We agree. Croydon has a huge amount going for it – our borough has a growing tech industry, a number of new developments are underway, and we recently became the first London borough to be awarded social enterprise status.

The challenge is to make sure these opportunities are capitalised on so that as many local residents benefit as possible.

We have come up with some ideas about how to do this. Some of these are outlined below.

- First, we want developers, local employers, and the council to employ as many local people as possible when new jobs arise. One idea is to make sure local employers consider at least three CVs for every job recruited, with at least one local person interviewed.

- Second, we want to skill up the workforce so that as many local people as possible benefit from higher-paying, innovative sectors of the economy. This could be done by doing more to connect colleges with businesses to support training needs and by targeting proceeds from the Growth Fund towards infrastructure and the new economy.

- Third, we would like to see as many businesses as possible sign up to a Croydon Employment Charter. This would mean paying employees the London Living Wage, and ensuring a diversity of applicants are considered to help drive up the number of BME and disabled people successfully recruited.

These are some of our ideas. We now want to hear what you think of them.

To get in touch and share your views, please call us on 0800 612 2182, email us on, or Tweet us on @OppCroydon


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