Blog: We need to give power away by Brian Stapleton

Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Commission is in favour of giving power away.

We have heard from many thriving community initiatives in Croydon that do a great job. They all have one thing in common: they are led from the bottom up, run by the communities and neighbourhoods they serve.

From our launch at the now community-run Stanley Halls in South Norwood, to hearing about the ABCD pathfinders in New Addington at our public meeting, we’ve seen vibrant, grassroots organisations, enabling real change in their communities.

It’s about people taking power and making a difference.

So we are looking at new ways of giving power to our neighbourhoods. Our ideas in our interim report include:

- transferring assets directly to local neighbourhoods where demand exists, such as with Stanley Halls;
- supporting local community researchers to ensure local decisions are made based on what residents and businesses really want;
- devolving money and power to local areas – through support for business improvement districts, and new models with devolved funds. This will see residents and businesses coming together to improve the local area; and
- allowing more discretion on how to spend council funds locally.

Will these ideas work? What’s your view? Do you have an idea or an example you’d like to share?

We want to hear your views on how power can be given to Croydon’s communities.

To get in touch Tweet us on @OppCroydon, email us on, or give us a call on 0800 612 2182.


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