Croydon Opportunity and Fairness Commission releases interim report – Building a better Croydon for everyone

Croydon’s Opportunity and Fairness Commission has today published its interim report – Towards a better Croydon for everyone.  The report sets out the Commission’s initial findings and identifies six priority areas for the borough.

The report can be downloaded hereThe web-flip version can be viewed hereA video of Jonathan Clark, the Bishop of Croydon and chair of the Commission, introducing the interim report can be seen here.

We also have an accessible version of the interim report here.

Bishop Jonathan Clark, Chair of the Commission said, “We are delighted to present our interim report, which sets out our priorities and ideas for making Croydon a more inclusive, responsible and vibrant borough.  These ideas have been inspired by the countless stories of Croydon people and organisations making a positive difference to our borough. We have already heard the views of over 3,000 local people, more than any previous commission, and we look forward to hearing from many more as our work continues.

He went on to say, “ ‘Once-in-a-generation’ is an overused phrase – but that is what we have here. We have a unique chance to build a genuinely optimistic future for the borough.  We are conducting our Commission at a time when some very positive changes are happening here that will help to transform an often-misleading picture about our town. We know that Croydon’s image has held us back – the time is right to change that.  We want people across the borough to step forward with us to meet that challenge.

“The focus of the Commission is to amplify the great things Croydon residents, workers and businesses are already doing and  – harnessing their energy and commitment to create a more inclusive, connected and fairer Croydon.  There is no one silver bullet in this report.  Rather, there is a range of practical ideas that together can lead to fundamental improvement.  If there is one recurring theme it is about being inclusive and connected to tackle isolation and inefficiency.  Local people and organisations being supported, encouraged and nurtured to take more responsibility.

“Croydon does not get a fair deal compared to other London boroughs.  The Commission is happy to lend its weight to calls to rectify that.  And the borough’s public sector is facing significant further cuts.  Moreover, the latest data demonstrates that inequalities are in many places getting worse, not better. But despite the real problems we face, there is much we can achieve working together with the assets we have locally."

We set out the main challenges for Croydon in our Foundation Report.  This new report tells the story of the outcomes we believe are desirable and necessary to make Croydon thrive, and some of our ideas to make these outcomes more likely.

We look forward to receiving comments and ideas in the coming weeks.


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