Croydon Opportunity & Fairness Commission has launched a survey to hear the views of Croydon’s businesses.

The commission knows that Croydon’s future prosperity and success will depend on its businesses. It therefore wants to hear directly from business owners and entrepreneurs about what should be done to make Croydon a fairer place with more opportunity.

The short survey includes questions about the biggest challenges facing businesses, what should be done to overcome those challenges, and how easy it is for businesses to find employees with the required skills.

The survey can be found online at

The commission’s engagement team has already approached business owners across Croydon – including Purley, Kenley, New Addington and South Norwood, as well as North End and South End in central Croydon – to survey them directly.

Initial responses reveal that 50% feel “very positive” about business opportunities over the next few years. Only 20% feel “quite negative” or “very negative”. 80% of respondents said they paid their employees the London Living Wage, set at £9.15 per hour.

When asked about the biggest challenge facing businesses in Croydon, two of the businesses explained that low incomes among Croydon’s residents is an issue. A North End restaurant owner, who employs 30 people, stressed that “people on low incomes might consider us too expensive”. Another business owner in central Croydon running a computer repairs service said that “many people have no money” and therefore aren’t able to afford the services his business offers.

These are, however, only the initial findings of the survey. The commission would really value hearing directly from businesses through the online survey.

The commission would also be delighted to see businesses at the commission open day. Hosted by Croydon Conference Centre, in Surrey Street, the open day will run from 2:30 until 7:30pm on 1 September.

The open day is a fantastic opportunity to speak to commissioners and contribute directly to the work of the commission. To book a half-hour slot and ensure you can talk to a commissioner contact Pancho on or 020 8688 0650 to book a place.


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